Digital Economizer Controls

HVAC systems will benefit greatly from the implementation of digital economizer controls. These controls allow your economizer to function in a more precise manner. This precision allows you to make the fullest possible use of all outside air that is let into your duct work and to save money at the same time.

More and More Economizers Are Digital

Your economizer serves to make the job of your HVAC unit easier by opening the damper and letting fresh, cool outside air flow in. Both the timing of opening the damper and the degree to which it is opened affect the efficiency of your HVAC unit. Many older economizers do not “economize” very well. Simply put, they are inefficient. The analog components that these antiquated devices utilize are simply outdated and imprecise. Digital economizers, on the other hand, make your HVAC system function more efficiently, precise and economically.

California Law Mandate the Use of Digital Economizers

State law in California requires commercial buildings to measure up to some of the nation’s highest standards of energy efficiency. California also requires commercial HVAC systems to be set up with an economizer. The easiest way to safely satisfy all of these strict regulations is to use a digital economizer. For this very reason, many HVAC manufacturing companies are phasing out analog and phasing in digital economizers.

The Benefits of a Digital Economizer

It is important to utilize specialized technicians through qualified contractors that are well trained at installing digital economizers, this will ensure that you get optimal results.

  • Better air quality and comfort level.
  • More reliable and consistent operation.
  • Enhanced efficiency by 25-40%.
  • Valuable financial incentive programs.

How Economizers Work