What You Need to Know About Title 24

Title 24 refers to the California Building Standards Code that was passed by the California Building Standards Commission in 1978. These regulations include controls on the energy efficiency levels of businesses, and the California Energy Commission is involved in updating them from time to time. These updates often incorporate the latest energy-efficient products and procedures, it is important to use reputable technicians and contractors to ensure that your business is adhering to the current version of Title 24.

The Purpose of Title 24

Title 24 is designed to ensure that the indoor environment is consistently maintained at optimal conditions and that minimum levels of energy usage requirements are met. To achieve these goals, Title 24 sets up standards for building construction and HVAC system design. These regulations apply to commercial buildings, as the standards established they are merely minimums, it is important to strive to exceed them and save even more energy, money and reduce your energy expenditures.

Part Six of the 2013 Version of Title 24

Part Six of Title 24 addresses the energy efficiency standards of commercial buildings. In 2013, the minimum standards were raised in a number of areas. The new non-residential standards affected windows, light controls, unitary HVAC equipment, and commissioning of new buildings.

Some of the benefits of the 2013 changes to Title 24 are:Title-24

  • Significantly lower energy costs.
  • More reliable delivery of HVAC services.
  • Heightened comfort levels.
  • Improvements in the environment.

The new higher standards of Part Six strive to ensure that building construction and HVAC equipment and installation procedures result in adequate energy efficiency levels.

Be Aware of Incentives Before You Upgrade

It is important to adhere to the current California state HVAC regulations, but also of value are incentives that may apply when you upgrade your HVAC equipment. Local specialized HVAC contractors can help you get you the best value possible when you upgrade to meet or exceed the current standards set forth in Title 24 through any available state or national rebate or incentive programs that you qualify for.