Enhanced Maintenance Programs With HVAC Optimization

HVAC units are typically run without a thought, until they encounter a problem that requires urgent maintenance work, while a typical maintenance program may reduce the need for costly repairs, there is a new option to optimize your HVAC systems performance and reduce your energy consumption as energy costs continue to go up.

Energy prices are forecasted to skyrocket as “dirty” energy sources are closed or upgraded. With Heating, Ventilation and Cooling costs accounting for as much as 33 to 50 percent of commercial energy expenditures prudent business managers are looking for new ways to lower their operating costs.

Various Utility Providers and Government agencies have worked together to create programs to support these efforts

These new programs are only offered through specific participating HVAC Optimization contractors. Enhanced maintenance programs will keep your HVAC Systems running at the peak of performance. They can make your units run in the most efficient, reliable manner possible.

Enhanced Maintenance Programs can significantly increase the performance levels of your HVAC unit(s). These programs, also known as quality maintenance programs, brings your HVAC Systems efficiency levels up to national standards. Specialized contractors, who participate in these programs, can will send out a team of highly experienced HVAC technicians to update your system to meet or exceed the highest industry standards, known as the “Standard 180.” These participating contractors offer you fast and friendly services at competitive rates, and will do everything possible to ensure that your updated unit will retain optimum performance levels during the full course of the multi-year maintenance agreements.

What is the “Standard 180”?

The Standard 180, mentioned above, is the international standard that exists for the HVAC industry. It originated from a team of experts, who gathered together from around the world. They charted out the highest levels of attainable HVAC efficiency and created a road map for how to get a HVAC Systems to perform at or above these standards. Through the utilization of the “Standard 180” savvy business managers can increase their bottom line while extending the lifetime of their HVAC Systems.

Multi-Year Maintenance Agreements

A multi-year maintenance agreement that is custom-fit to your particular goals can be created through the implementation of HVAC Optimization techniques. These are only available through participating specialized contractors. They will first assess the present condition of your HVAC equipment to determine what testing and repair work may be required to bring your systems back to the design performance levels.

During the term of the maintenance agreement, participating contractors will perform periodic inspections and to make sure that the high efficiency achieved in the initial tune up is long maintained. HVAC Optimization contractors will work with your local utility providers (i.e. So. Cal. Edison, SDGE, etc.) to assist you in obtaining available incentive program rebates. These rebates help to offset the expense of maintaining your HVAC Systems at optimal energy efficiency levels.

HVAC Optimization Can Save You Money

Consistently running your HVAC unit at high energy-efficiency levels will significantly increase its life expectancy. Your unit will be more reliable, will save you on your monthly power bill, and will help improve the air quality within your business.
That all adds up to obtaining enhanced performance while simultaneously saving money.