Planned Retirement for Commercial HVAC Equipment

Participating HVAC Optimization contractors can offer commercial customers access to valuable planned retirement programs that can save them money. HVAC Systems often consumes from 33 to 50 percent of a business’ total budget. The costs of operating and maintaining HVAC Systems are high, but they are even higher when the Roof Top Units (RTU) are old, inefficient and constantly in need of repairs. Planned retirement programs are a great way to save money on purchasing new equipment and should be utilized while the incentives are available.

How Planned Retirement Program Works

Participating HVAC Optimization contractors work with your local utility provider (such as SoCal Edison, SDGE or PG&E) to assist in obtaining available incentives for you to get a brand new, highly efficient HVAC unit at a significantly reduced price. You can turn in your old but still functional unit to get a great discount on a new unit. This is how these programs work:

  • A local contractor determines if any old units are eligible for the programs.before-after1
  • They then work with the client to choose the best possible new units for the building in which it will be used.
  • The old unit is retired for a new high efficient unit, and the customer gets increased and energy savings.

On top of the discount, you can also obtain promotional offers and rebates from manufacturers by using the planned retirement program by your local contractor. Your new unit will operate more efficiently than your old one, and your repair costs will be significantly reduced. It is typical to see as much as a 30 percent decline in energy use, and the total savings will make the upgrade well worth it.

Participating in Planned Retirement Programs also creates an opportunity for you to raise the performance levels of your entire HVAC systems by enrolling in Retro-Commissioning Programs, and/or keep the units performing at a high level with Enhanced Maintenances Programs.

Benefits of the Planned Retirement Program

Some of the most important reasons to participate in these programs are:

  • Your business’ HVAC units will function better, encouraging customers to visit your establishment.
  • Your new units will be less prone to breakdown reducing your repair expenditures.
  • You will have a lower operating cost on your new HVAC Unit.
  • You will be able to plan the replacement of your equipment vs. unexpected emergencies.