Retro-commissioning Services With HVAC Optimization

Participating HVAC Optimization contractors offer great retro-commissioning services, which target and correct energy-wasting areas in your HVAC Systems. Utilization of these types of services ensure that the highest possible efficiency levels are achieved and maintained. These types of services should not be neglected as they can provide valuable energy saving opportunities.

The Importance of Efficient Airflow

Optimizing the efficiency of your air distribution network will bring you big benefits. As the airflow circulates from a rooftop unit to the building interior and back again, it will be sure to find any weaknesses or holes in the duct work. Your air flows quicker and with less temperature loss when your duct work, insulation and economizers are in top condition.

Some of the inefficiencies that commonly occur include:

  • Leaks in the duct work
  • Insufficient insulation
  • An economizer that is non-operational

There is significant potential to increase comfort, decrease run time, extend HVAC unit life, and save energy when a specialized HVAC Optimization contractor revitalizes your HVAC Systems through a process known as retro-commissioning. In this process they will resolve any weakness in your duct work, insulation and/or economizers.

You will be surprised how much money and energy you save after getting your interior duct work, exterior duct work, insulation and economizers into optimal condition.

How Retro-Commissioning Impacts Your HVAC Systems

Specialized HVAC Optimization Technicians use the latest tools and computer software to locate deficiencies in yourFig-1-HVAC-energy-flow_HR duct work, insulation & economizers with pin-point accuracy. They find exactly where the energy is being wasted and get right to work on correcting the problems.

Participating contractors adhere to the following procedures when retro-commissioning your HVAC systems:

  • The contractor will have a specialized HVAC technician perform an in-depth inspection to determine the current level of your HVAC systems performance.
  • Then the technician will identify and prioritize the performance deficiencies within your HVAC systems.
  • Perform the necessary upgrades and repairs to bring the HVAC systems back to their optimal performance levels.

They will also work with your local utility company (such as SoCal Edison or SDGE) to obtain any applicable incentive rebates you may qualify for. The incentive amounts will vary based on the degree to which your HVAC system’s efficiency has been improved.

The Benefits That Retro-Commissioning Can Bring You

Once the HVAC systems have been made more reliable and efficient, you will notice improvements in the indoor air quality and comfort level. Additionally, you will notice significant reductions in your energy consumption, translating into savings on your energy bill. Finally, the life expectancy of your HVAC units will be extended allowing you to maximize your return on investment.